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Rams Draft Results: Watch What Isaiah Pead Can Do, With Video!

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Earlier in the day, I tried to ascertain an early look as to what fans can expect from rookie running back Isaiah Pead, the St. Louis Rams' third of three 2nd-round picks. I think most fans are pretty excited to finally have some more speed in the offense, and a player that makes a natural complement to Steven Jackson. After all, fans have only been waiting on this for four years or so.

Extrapolating predictions from 500 words of copy take a focused mind. Watching what a player like Pead can do in the offense is way more fun, way, way, way more fun. So with that, how about a few highlight videos of Pead's time in Cincinnati, where he was one of the Bearcats' most effective rushers.

These vids from via I actually found them on our Cincy Bearcats site, Down the Drive, which talked more about Pead's NFL potential in this post.