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NFL: It's Time to Start Thinking Fantasy Football!

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Fantasy Football is not that far down the road. With the NFL season only months away, it's time to start shaping your Fantasy Football team plans. The first round of any FF Draft is going to have big changes compared to last season. Players like A.J. Green and rookie running back Trent Richardson have some intriguing value. Top tier quarterbacks are expanding in number. Yet, a top 3 quarterback like Drew Brees could slip due to free agent losses and "Bounty Gate" echos.

The Tight End position looks to be highly valued this season. The "Gronks" and "Grahams" turned into scoring machines in 2011. Will running back Ray Rice be the point generating machine he was last season, or will Arian Foster benefit enough by having a healthy Matt Schaub?

Defenses are getting interesting too, especially in the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers defense stifled opponents last year, but Seattle and St. Louis both have made great strides during the draft and off- season to make one of the weaker divisions of 2011 look daunting.

Lots and lots to consider before FF draft day. Who do you think will be the Top 5 Fantasy Football stars for 2012?