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Fenton Chrysler Plant Mentioned As Possible Stadium Site For St. Louis Rams

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The battle over the future of the Edward Jones Dome just started, reaching a fever pitch with the release of the St. Louis Rams' plans for renovation and the CVC's $700 million cost estimate for that plan. On Thursday, a familiar player in the Rams' stadium conversation entered the mix, the site of the shuttered Chrysler plant in Fenton, Mo.

Fenton mayor Dennis Hancock told KMOX on Thursday that the 300 acres of America's abandoned industrial promise would make a good location for a stadium and the Rams' new home. To be clear, Hancock was not actively campaigning for that to happen. The Dome fight is a long way from scouting for new locations.

The former plant sits near the intersection of I-44 and 270, prominent roads in the metro area. Space for a facility and parking is also readily available, though public transit, already pretty limited, is absent. Comparatively speaking, the 300 acres are roughly the size of Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles, home of Dodger Stadium and the surrounding parking lots.

Stadium and arena construction lately has shifted back toward downtown urban areas, after decades in which American expanded outward into the suburbs. Missouri loves its sprawl and Kroeke's real estate business owes a chunk of its fortunes to suburban strip developments, so this might be worth keeping an eye on down the road.

Expect the Feton site to be a minor player in the ongoing discussions over the Dome.