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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: St. Louis Rams Not Well Represented

Will the St. Louis Rams have many players capable of contributing to your fantasy team this year?
Will the St. Louis Rams have many players capable of contributing to your fantasy team this year?

It seems a little early, but fantasy football fever has been sweeping the nation lately. I'm too ADD for fantasy football, but I do appreciate the first sets of player rankings that come out in the spring. They kind of have an early report card or prognostication feel to them. And how do the St. Louis Rams shake out in the early fantasy rankings?

As you might expect, the Rams offensive player are not exactly high on many lists.

Using the rankings from Fake Team, let's go position by position through the offensive skill players.

Wide receiver

Not surprisingly, no body from the Rams makes the list of top receivers, the top 25. It's hard to fault them there. I'll be anxious to see what Danny Amendola can do from a points per reception league, but until we have a better idea about contributors like Brian Quick and Chris Givens along with how this offensive scheme is going to distribute the ball, there's just too much unknown here.


Sam Bradford comes in at No. 20 on the list at Fake Teams. He's right below Matt Flynn and Josh Freeman and above Kevin Kolb. Given the unknowns here, again, that's reasonable. Here's their take on Bradford:

He still doesn't have great weapons around him. He was dreadful last year with a completion percentage of just 53.5 and only six scores in his 10 games. Steven Jackson is going to run the ball less this year and it'll be a sink-or-swim year for Sam and the Rams.

Running back

Steven Jackson checks in at No. 19 on the running back rankings. Again, there's a bit of an unknown here too. Fisher and Snead said recently that Jackson is still the feature back for the Rams, and will carry most of the load on the ground. But just how do they define that? It could cut into his usually solid fantasy value. If the Rams offense can get it together, SJ might see more touchdowns this season. Here's the Fake Teams take:

The Rams have already said that S-Jax carries will be cut down and Isaiah Pead should see a nice chunk of the workload. For what it's worth, he has a rep for being an injury-plagued player and that is incorrect. He's only missed two games in the past three years.

What's your take?