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Random Ramsdom May 16th: New Season Has Begun

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Hey everybody! Minicamp started for the Rams yesterday. It was the first time the whole team has been together under the watch of new head coach Jeff Fisher and his staff. The new season has now started and as Jeff Fisher said on a radio interview during a St. Louis Cardinals' game, "We are now undefeated and are tied for first place in the NFC West. How does that sound?"

That sounds very good Jeff. Very good. On to the links!

Rams sign two veterans (Post-Dispatch)

Yesterday the Rams announced through Twitter that they signed free agents Mario Haggan (OLB) and Barry Richardson (OT). Haggan is now the favorite to be the strong-side LB on opening day, but Richardson seems to be the third OT.

Seahawks sign Alex Barron (ESPN)

The ex-Ram OT signed a deal to play for Seattle. Maybe now the Rams can find a return on their investment in Barron when they play the Seahawks with all the false starts he'll have!

Rams, St. Louis far apart on dome negotiations (USA Today)

By now you have had to see the Rams latest dome proposal. It basically calls for a brand new stadium. The east side of the dome would be torn out and the roof would be redone. Broadway would have to be re-routed. This Dome would definitely be a "first-tier" facility, and would be capable of hosting a Super Bowl. The problem is the CVC says that this plan would be over $700 million in cost, while their original plan called for $124 million in renovations. This will sure go to arbitration and will likely go right down to the deadline in 2015.

Fisher not concerned with Bradford's poor second year (CBSSports)

When Jeff Fisher was analyzing Sam Bradford on whether he would be the QB of the future, he did not account in his poor play last season. There were many problems that were out of Sam's control for last season to say much about Bradford was Fisher's though process.

"Well, it was his ability -- what he was able to do in college, but also his rookie year. We discounted last year. I didn't pay much attention to that. There were a lot of difficult things to overcome and a lot of issues, and it made no sense dwelling on it," Fisher said via "I think what Sam was able to do here his rookie year in that type of offense is an indication of the potential that he has."

Michael Brockers Minicamp Reaction (

Want to know how rookie mini-camp was like for the Rams this year? Watch this video and the Rams first round pick will tell you all about it.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!