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St. Louis Rams Likely To Turn To UDFA Help For Outside Linebacker Needs

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Most fans give the St. Louis Rams pretty high marks for their offseason moves. New head coach Jeff Fisher and rookie GM Les Snead inherited a team that won two games thanks in part to a threadbare roster, made that way by injuries and iffy personnel decisions.

In spite of the moves, questions remain for two key areas of the roster: the offensive line and outside linebacker.

Fisher and his staff may be counting on two of the team's undrafted rookie free agents to help with the team's needs at outside linebacker.

A report from Pro Football Weekly cites a source who says to keep an eye on two of the team's UDFAs.

Among the Rams' 23 rookie free agents, team sources tell us two players particularly worth keeping an eye on are Houston's Sammy Brown and Washington State's Alex Hoffman-Ellis, each of whom could have a legitimate shot at competing for the starting WLB job.

Brown is one of the more intriguing free agents among the Rams' rookie class. In 25 games at the University of Houston, Brown recorded 165 tackles and 25 sacks. He had 30 tackles for a loss in 2011.

Scouting reports praise his raw ability, but note a player that will need some refinement at the NFL level.

Ellis is a similar project. He has some coverage instincts as evidenced by his seven pass breakups and four interceptions in 35 games for the Cougars. He also has some speed, which could be a real asset matched up against tight ends in today's NFL. You can read an interview with Ellis over here at Pro Interviews.

Aaron Brown, a 7th-round pick, also figures into the mix.

It looks like free agent addition Jo-Lonn Dunbar has the starting job on the strongside. His body of work in New Orleans is somewhat incomplete because the entire group of linebackers was so poor there.

One thing that should help the linebacker situation is a beefed up defensive line as well as a much better, healthier group of cornerbacks, cornerbacks who do well in run support.