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2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Add Michael Floyd And Quinton Coples To Pre-Draft Visit List

The St. Louis Rams have added another pair of players to their list of pre-draft visits, both potential first-round picks who could be in play at sixth overall. Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd and North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples will visit the Rams prior to the draft.

Each player brings his own unique set of questions as a potential pick for the Rams at sixth overall.

Floyd's draft stock is heating up lately. Some are whispering that he could be the first wide receiver off the board, ahead of Justin Blackmon even, and most believe he has the chops to be a top-ten pick this year.

Would the Rams really consider him at six? It isn't out of the question. Unlike Blackmon, Floyd is something different for the Rams, a long, tall wide receiver with good hands and loads of potential. Tevin made a pretty convincing case for Floyd over the weekend. The biggest questions for Floyd are his youthful run-ins with the law over underage drinking and a DUI. On the field, some have questioned whether or not he has the ability to be a downfield threat.

Coples could also be in play in the sixth spot. Considered by many to be the best pass rusher in the draft this year, some still wonder about Coples' motor. The real question for the Rams is whether or not they feel like they can justify another pass rusher to slot behind Chris Long and Robert Quinn, last year's first-round UNC pass rusher and a better prospect than Coples.

Long's contract is up after this season. If they do not work out a contract extension, the Rams could use the franchise tag to keep Long. However, with an $18 million cap hit this year, the tag would be an expensive proposition for Long in 2013.

The simplest answer is probably the best in this case: the Rams are simply taking a good long look at all the players who could be there with the sixth pick. Drafting another pass rusher never hurts, just ask the Giants.