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Peter King Predicts A Gregg Williams Return

Could Gregg Williams return to the NFL someday?
Could Gregg Williams return to the NFL someday?

There may indeed be a path back to professional football for disgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Banned indefinitely for his leading role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty program, Williams' case took a big blow last week with the release of a damning audio tape. Peter King at, however, sees the possibility for redemption for the St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, who hasn't done much coordinating since being hired in February.

It all comes down to football czar Roger Goodell, who King says loves a good redemption story. For a comparison, look no further than Michael Vick, whose dog killing controversy received as much, if not more, attention while enraging fans and carrying the potential to damage the league's image.

I think if Williams does what the league wants -- and he's already started, by admitting his guilt, saying he is sorry, and not appealing his sanction -- he'll become a spokesman with high schools and colleges for what surely will be the league's anti-bounty and anti-violence push that comes out of this.

It will be a while before we know the fate of Williams, probably not until 2013. Until then, it's all speculation. With time, tempers will cool and people will have more perspective on what happened. Kurt Warner, a target of Williams' bounties, made the call for a second chance over the weekend.

King does note that Williams may not get another shot at coaching.