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Random Ramsdom, 4/9


Good morning, Rams fans! I hope everybody had a "Hoppy" Easter (Ugh..) and an unnecessarily egregious bounty of family, candy and ham. So much ham.

It's been a relatively quiet week in the world of football, mostly due to every other sport on the planet now being played. Only once in a year will you see the entrance to the playoffs, a beginning of a new season and uncharacteristically interesting golf. That's right, the NFL Draft is nearly here! So without further ado...

A reminder to not put all of your eggs in one basket (Sorry..), and that the draft is only as certain as what happens ahead of you.

Mary Kay Cabot's Top 10 NFL mock draft 3.0 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

What's worse than the downpour of mock drafts that comes each April? How about trying to add a ten pick mock into the mix? This one, however, should come of notable interest to Rams fans whose draft hopes hinge on whom the Cleveland Browns choose fourth. Who does the Plain Dealer see subsequently falling to six? Check it out.

Post Pro Days: Top 32 Prospects - Nick Wagoner - St. Louis Rams Official site

You surely already know the first six names on Wagoner's list, but the order may come as a surprise. He has an even split of 16 and 16 for offensive and defensive players, with the ladder all but dominating ranks 7 through 15. With the first and seventh pick in round two, and the near certainty of teams reaching early for prospects, the Rams will likely have the opportunity to draft at least two of the names listed.

Current NFL QB rankings (4/5) - Jason Smith -

No, not that Jason Smith, although a history of concussions paired with ranking Eli Manning No. 1 could raise a few eyebrows. I wouldn't personally call this the best possible assessment (How can I when Andrew Luck is already top 20?), but Sam Bradford is about where I would expect. Smith calls Bradford a "possible breakout" candidate and expects him to jump up on this list.

Big-picture look at 2012 NFC West rosters - Mike Sando - ESPN

Here are the most recent numbers of our most loved, yet hated, division in football. Currently, in the NFC West, the Rams have the least amount of players under contract. In total linebackers, with four, they aren't even close.

Gregg Williams taking unfair hits - Bryan Burwell

If you haven't yet heard the Gregg Williams locker room "warm up" tape, it's worth the listen, but Burwell wishes you keep an open mind, and ear in doing so. He states that Williams is receiving too much unwarranted criticism, all at the expense of a recording which bears no new evidence that wasn't already presumed. Again, I implore, please shut the "bounty gate."

Free agent DT Laws visits Rams - Jim Thomas

Even though the NFL Draft is approaching at an alarming rate, the Rams have not slowed down from their free agency sprint. Trevor Laws, a 2008 second round pick for Philadelphia, visited the Rams on Thursday. Though not much more than a rotational player, his addition would be much welcomed for a depth-deprived unit.

Schedule release likely coming on a Tuesday, but which one? - ProFootballTalk

For some reason unknown to the rest of the football world, the NFL enjoys announcing its regular season schedules on Tuesdays. Apparently the league likes surprises, because they refuse to announce anything until the official announcement is made. Will we know tomorrow? I don't know.

Colt's Avery say reconstructed knee hasn't slowed him down -

There will always be a special place in the hearts, or bowels, of Ram fans for the one time horned speedster, Donnie Avery. Though he never lived up to the hype of being the first WR off the board, we still hope that he does well. Will Andrew Luck soon have a target with a possible 4.2 speed?

Ex-Ram Bell joins Bengals - PostDispatch

To the surprise of few, free agency disappointment, Jacob Bell was allowed walk this offseason. Though he had Fisher connections, we found that there was indeed a reason that his one-time coach saw fit to move on in the first place. Bell has agreed with the Cincinnati Bengals on a one-year deal.

Top-ten buzz builds as Floyd lines up several pre-draft visits - ProFootballTalk

There once was a time when Michael Floyd was designated a mid-first round pick; however, the Notre Dame WR is now seen as a potential top ten. I have seen Floyd mocked as soon as No. 6 all the way to as late as the mid-20's. It may be just due diligence, but the Rams have scheduled him for a pre-draft workout.

NFL players goof off at Hollywood Boot Camp -

Last week we learned that Steven Jackson would attend the "Hills'" version of military training. Via photographic evidence, we also learn that it was exactly as agonizing as the name NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp implies. Jackson, among many others, appeared to have a great time.

Barber says Wonderlic test doesn't matter - ProFootballTalk

Much discussion about the Wonderlic Test, the NFL Combine's version of the SAT's, has come about recently - mostly at the expense of LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne and his reportedly low score. Seasoned veteran and future Hall of Fame CB, Ronde Barber, weighs in. One would think that "football IQ" and conventional IQ are two utterly different things, no?

I'd like to get into the habit of treating you, my fellow Rams fans, to an enjoyable video finale to your Monday morning reads. I, unfortunately, found none this week which I could post directly. Instead, here are two must-watches from the St. Louis Rams Official site. First - here is perhaps the greatest Torry Holt highlight video that you will ever see. Second - Danny Amendola is healthy again! Take a look at his rehab process with head athletic trainer, Reggie Scott.

Enjoy and, until next time, arrivederci!