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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Contest!

How about a mock draft contest?
How about a mock draft contest?

Hey draft fans, entries are pouring in for our 2012 Mock Draft contest, so be sure to yours posted here asap. We're shutting the doors on Wednesday at Noon Central time. So what the hell kind of contest is this?

I've re-posted the rules below, but you really need to cruise over and read Doug's fully featured explanation of the whole thing ... plus, it's a post from Doug whose wordsmithing is always a delight for the senses.

The rules:

If you read Doug's post, you'd know that he's conjured up a situation where the Rams have made some big trades in the first round of the draft.

From Doug's post:

The Rams now have the following picks in 2012:

Reebok St. Louis Rams Steven Jackson Replica White Jersey -
First round - #27 and #31
Second round - #33, #39, #48, #62
Third round: #65
Fourth round: #96
Fifth round: N/A
Sixth round: #171
Seventh round: #209, #252

Now read this carefully:

Now here is where I ask you to do the actual Rams Mock draft for me! You have a boatload of picks, and as a reference for who was picked before the #27 pick in the Draft, I want you to use WalterFootball. com.

Anyone taking a player above their #27 pick will be disqualified. You need to stay within the realm of reality for each round after the #27 pick. I will be asking one of our resident College Football gurus to pick the winner, so the closer you stay to a player's true draft day value, the better chance you have of winning. Lots of you will make similar choices, so the tiebreaker will be your choice for the Patriots' new #6 pick. Who do they take and why? Take your time.

The prize? How about a replica jersey for the player the Rams (or your favorite team if available) actually choose in the first round on April 26th, 2012? Sorry, I couldn't find a photo of the new Nike replica jerseys, so here's a pic of the old ones)

Here are a few MUST follow rules. Failure to do so gets you the big "You're outta here" and your entry will be void:

*** ONE entry person, no multiple entries allowed.
*** Contest ends at 4pm Central time, April 7th, 2012***** This may change, so continue to enter till the comment section is closed.
*** All players chosen MUST be entered in the 2012 Draft. No picking Deacon Jones guys!
*** Write "Entry" in the subject line (this makes it soooo much easier on the judges)
*** You must have players representing all 7 rounds, plus the Patriots pick at #6
*** All picks are to be listed on SEPARATE lines in the comment body with the round of the pick preceding the player's name, position and school
***If there is a tie after the Patriots' pick, a number will be assigned to each winner, and a random number generator will decide the outcome.
*** This contest is open to all SBN NFL sites, but if you win (other than TST winner), the burden of proving who you are falls to you. You will need to have the Head writer for your SBN site send me an e-mail from the SBN site telling me who you are. Sorry, but I had quite a few guys swindle me out of prizes last season.
*** By entering this contest, you agree that the judge's decision is final

OK, got all this down? Remember, you have lots of time to make your picks. This will be won on how much you know about the draft, not how fast you can type players names. Stay inside a players stated relative value, taking players who can't possibly be there at your next pick is a mistake you'll regret. Look at other team needs who are picking before you.

Ready, set...GO!