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2012 NFL Draft: What Could The St. Louis Rams Do With Two Second-Round Picks?

What Could The St. Louis Rams Do With Two Second-Round Picks?
What Could The St. Louis Rams Do With Two Second-Round Picks?

Forget the sixth pick, the St. Louis Rams have a real opportunity to make an impact on their roster with their two second-round picks, #33 and #39, the first and the seventh picks of the second round. Teams like the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots have lived off making good picks in that part of the draft, and if the Rams are going to ever turn this thing around, those picks will be key. So what could they do with those picks?

In truth, they could do almost anything. Much of it will depend on what happens and who they take with the sixth pick. The draft is pretty deep at certain positions into the second round.


Yes, those two picks, or one of them, can be the centerpiece of a deal to move the Rams somewhere else on the draft board. Remember, the first and second rounds are separated by a full 24 hours, giving teams plenty of time to think about making deals.

Running Backs

One thing is clear, the Rams are planning to draft a running back this year. They avoided the free agent candidates, but Schottenheimer has a stated preference for a dual back system. If they do not pick Trent Richardson, by choice or by circumstance, they should have some nice options with one of their second-round picks.

Doug Martin from Boise State might end up getting plucked out at the end of the first round. If not, he's a complete back that does it all pretty well. Lamar Miller from Miami would make a nice speedster to complement Steven Jackson. David Wilson out of Virginia Tech possesses the explosiveness that makes him an attractive option.

Wide Receivers

This is an interesting year for receivers because it's a fairly deep class, but short on bona fide super stars in the mold of A.J. Green last year. More than likely, one or more of Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Rueben Randle, Alshon Jeffery or Brian Quick will be there at #33 or even #39.

Defensive Tackles

There's a debate about which player is the best defensive tackle, but there is a second tier of players close behind them that all look like viable picks on the fringe between the first two rounds. Jerel Worthy would be the best of the bunch most likely to fall to the Rams at #33. Kendall Reyes, Brandon Thompson and Alameda Ta'amu might also be available.


I'm less convinced of the need to take a cornerback in these spots. This is a deep class that should offer some talent in the middle rounds, and Fisher's staff has a good track record for extracting value out of cornerbacks in the middle and late rounds of the draft. I'll also be anxious to see what they can do with Jerome Murphy and Bradley Fletcher, assuming both are over their injuries this year.

Janoris Jenkins is a talented player that could fall because of his off-field issues in the past. Fisher has been more than willing to take chances on players with baggage before, and Jenkins could be a steal. Aflonzo Dennard is another interesting player, whose draft stock plummeted after the Senior Bowl. A physical player, he could be a contributor, albeit a lesser known one.

Offensive Linemen

Like cornerbacks, this coaching staff has done well with late round picks. Fisher had Mike Munchak in Tennessee, but Paul Boudreau has done it himself as well, just ask Harvey Dahl.

If Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler is available, he could be a day-one starter for the Rams. Along with Dahl and Scott Wells in the middle, Zeitler would give the Rams a trio of really good blockers. Midwestern State guard Amini Silatolu is another player to keep your eyes on this year. Athletic and intense, he had no problems with DII defenses. Silatolu played left tackle in college, but most think of him as a guard in the NFL.

At tackle, someone like Mike Adams could fall to the second round, and there's also Bobby Massie or Mitchell Schwartz that may be worth a pick there.