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NFL Draft: TST Community Round 2, Pick 11

Ramfan from Seattle is back to pick for the Seahawks. He chose Quinton Coples in round one, and now he's adding to the defensive line once again:


Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State

Pick Grade:


The Seahawks have more pressing needs than a pass rushing DT, like OG or LB, especially after picking up Jason Jones in free agency, but the value was too great to pass here. Cox is ranked the #1 DT on Mike Mayock’s positional rankings and has even been rumored to go in the top ten, possibly to the Rams. Getting him here in the mid-second round is an absolute steal. The Seahawks defensive line now includes Brandon Mebane, Jones, Quinton Coples, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, and Cox…watch out King Sam!

Analysis after the jump

Once again, Ramfan from Seattle nails it. Quinton Coples was an excellent pick, and Fletcher Cox with Pick 43 is a slam dunk as well. Cox is the 6th best prospect according to ESPN and there is every reason to believe he'll be gone long before now during the real draft.

Cox is quick and has a nasty bull-rush that can collapse the pocket. With him, Coples, Mebane, Jones, Bryant and Chris Clemons? Yeah, watch out King Sam indeed.

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