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2012 NFL Draft: Who Is The Top Defensive Tackle?

Buried in draft reports, interviews, blog posts and all things 2012 NFL Draft, something occurred to me. Nobody can agree on who in the hell is the top defensive tackle in the draft this year. Pundits rarely agree on anything, but the defensive tackle class this year seems to inspire more disagreement than usual.

Just when one expert says bank on Michael Brockers, another tells you to look out for Fletcher Cox. Then there's Dontari Poe, whose draft spot ranges by as much as ten spots. Much of it depends on the team and the type of defense they employ. Nose tackles, three-techniques, 3-4 ends, gap stuffing one-techniques ... this year there seems to be less distinction than usual between the types of players. Is this bunch of DTs really that versatile? Or have hybrid systems come to such prominence that it no longer matters, that players can be scheme versatile?


As far as the St. Louis Rams go, Fletcher Cox has been a name to watch lately. Poe and Brockers still get mentioned as possibilities too.

So let me turn this over to you, dear readers. Which defensive tackle is the best in the draft? Why? Which one is the best fit for the Rams and why?