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Random Ramsdom April 4th: The Never Ending Question

Hey everybody! In case you weren't paying attention yesterday, the Nike unveiled their new NLF Uniforms. Most didn't change, apart from the Seattle Seahawks disaster. The only big news for the Rams is the gold pants are no more.

A picture of the new Rams uniform and the links after the jump.


The never ending question, how good is Justin Blackmon

Mike Sando for ESPN had yet another piece questioning Blackmon's value at number six. He also mentions another possibility of drafting David DeCastro, which I would approve of.

The rebirth of the GSOT on the way?

A UK journalist Mike Reveil thinks the Rams have a good chance to have the Greatest Show on Turf be reborn after the trade with the Redskins. I for one think that the GSOT died and there will never be a Rams offense like that in my life. I think we all forget how good they were. Still the only team to score 500 points in three straight seasons.

Morris Claiborne scores a 4 on the Wonderlic

Claiborne scored a shockingly low score on the Wonderlic and it was also leaked that he has a learning disability. These scores are supposed to be made public and in all honesty, aren't all that important. The person who leaked this should fell ashamed.

Danny Amendola is 100%

Now Sam and Danny can continue their bromance.