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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Still Looking For A No. 1 Receiver

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A 2013 NFL Mock Draft? Yes, because it's never too soon to start thinking ahead. The St. Louis Rams will have two 1st-round picks next year, giving them the potential to really add to the roster and the flexibility few teams can boast. I took an early look at how things might shake out at this morning with a first 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

With two picks, what could the Rams do for themselves next April?

Let me get this caveat out of the way now. A full season of football, both professional and collegiate, will change this dramatically. Think of this as an early stab at what positions will be important to address and which NCAA players could help.

8. Rams (via Washington) Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

I'm not so sure about Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold for another year. One of those two players will need to be upgraded in 2013. Lewan, in early returns, does not look like the top left tackle in the draft, but a big season for MIchigan could put him in the conversation.

10. Rams, Keenan Allen, WR, California

Allen is one of the top prospects in what looks like a very good group of 1st-round receivers. He's 6'3" 205 pounds and moves like a water snake, quick and fluid. He gets separation with ease. He may need to bulk up for the NFL. He also catches the ball like snake bite, snapping out to grab it and coiling back fast to protect. Allen has No. 1 wideout potential.

What other 1st-round players and positions should the Rams be considering?