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2012 NFL Draft Results: Rams Reportedly See Isaiah Pead As Steven Jackson's Successor

Is Isaiah Pead the St. Louis Rams' future feature back?
Is Isaiah Pead the St. Louis Rams' future feature back?

Cincinnati running back Isaiah Pead is one of those running backs likely to divide opinions. Role playing scatback or a guy capable of carrying the ball 20 times per game? There are some subtleties to those sweeping generalizations, but the notion that Isaiah Pead is a successor the Steven Jackson is likely to raise a few eyebrows among Rams fans. According to Adam Schefter, the front office sees Pead that way, rather than just a role player.

Pead matches Chris Johnson's height and weight, 5'11", 197 pounds, when he was drafted. A CJ2K comparison may be a little bit of a stretch two days after the draft. Is it realistic?

When you look at the top-10 rushers from 2011, the changing nature of the running back is clear. Gone is the MartyBall ideal of a burly fella that pounds the ball 25 times a game through tangle of sweaty linemen. Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy and Maurice Jones Drew are a different breed. CJ2K used to be a regular in this list as well.

"Isaiah has got great change of direction quickness, vision, a jump-cut runner," Fisher said. "He's got acceleration, he's got hands out of the backfield."

You might hear similar things said about the back listed above. Greg Cosell has compared Pead to McCoy. Sproles is another name thrown out there by analysts.

Obviously, he has a long way to go and much to prove. The Rams certainly don't see him as a successor to Jackson in 2012.

"He's just a great change of pace runner that we need here right now for Steven," Fisher said. "He's a smart young man. We had him in for the 30 visit. No problems whatsoever grasping concepts of offense, so he'll be able to help us."

Once the season starts, we'll know more about Pead's future role with the Rams.