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New Rams Uniforms: Good Bye Gold Pants :(

This is my feeling after reading a Brandon Gibson Tweet saying the Rams won't be wearing the Gold pants anymore. I am beyond devastated. They were my favorite.

No more will the Rams be as flashy and unique with their uniforms. They will be stuck with boring blue and ugly white pants. The uniforms of my childhood are gone forever.

I love the color sceme of the Rams, mainly because they are one of the only teams to use gold in their colors. Now, gold will simply be a secondary color, no longer featured prevalently.

I could slowly see this coming. The Rams wore their best pants less and less over the last few seasons. There was a lot of criticism of the gold pants and as soon as I started to see the white and blue pants, I knew this day will eventually come.

That knowledge hasn't lessened the blow. The Rams used to have the best uniforms in the NFL in my opinion, but now they aren't even in that conversation anymore.

R.I.P. gold pants. I will miss you.