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VIDEO: Brian Orakpo Approves Rams-Redskins Trade

St. Louis Rams fans and the front office folks were pretty excited about the team's deal with the Washington Redskins, the deal that sent the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to DC in exchange for a boatload of draft picks from the Redskins. Turns out the Redskins players themselves were pretty excited about the pick as well.

Redskins linebacker and pass rushing specialist Brian Orakpo shared his thoughts on the trade at today's media event for the new NFL jerseys. SB Nation's Hogs Haven was on the scene and got Orakpo's reaction on camera.

"I'm excited for the future of the team," Orakpo said.

Fans should be too. Of course, the Rams will be keen to have all those extra picks which should give this long struggling franchise a solid foundation and a hopeful direction for the future.

The Rams may have a few more trades up their sleeves, either up or down in the draft, if they can find another team willing to play ball.