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St. Louis Rams Nike Jerseys: An Up Close Look At The Jerseys, Shoes And Helmets

The NFL revealed the new Nike jerseys and uniforms on Tuesday morning in Brooklyn, New York. Much like an Apple product release, the event was full of insane amounts of fan fare, except this was for new Nike jerseys not phones and tablet computers that radically change how you live and work. The NFL brand is strong, no? Now, we have a much better, more detailed look at the new Nike jerseys, helmets and shoes for the St. Louis Rams, courtesy of Will Brinson from CBS.

Check out the new products after the jump.

We have jerseys, shoes and helmets to look at. I believe these items will be for sale very soon online. So be sure to get your new Rams jerseys ordered ASAP.

The biggest changes are on the technical side of things, i.e. the new material. You can read more about those changes, including Nike's explanation of the changes, at SB

Even more photos here.

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