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New Nike NFL Jerseys Revealed

In a few moments the new Nike NFL jerseys will be revealed. In the meantime, they are sending out a few details here and there of what the new unis will look like. Honestly, the changes are pretty small, aesthetically anyway. You can see some of the new details in this photo montage from Nike and a picture of the new Nike Jaguars uniforms as revealed by the Jags' public relations folks a little prematurely.

Images after the jump.

Here you can see some uniform details. Note the new collars on the jerseys. The new material looks like it will have a strange texture to it, like those stretchy kitchen trash bags.



The lines on the jerseys are real, as you can see here in the Jags picture ... or the link to the Jags picture since the URL isn't uploadable here. Not my favorite detail. They also have a mesh-like material on the sides of the shirts.

Awesomely enough, reviews are poor on the Seahawks new jerseys, the only team to get a significant rework.