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St. Louis Rams New Nike Uniforms Revealed

For not the new Nike NFL jerseys to not change very much, there sure was an awful lot of hype, iPhone levels of hype even. The media world descended on Brooklyn Tuesday morning to get a first look at the new Nike jerseys. Newly acquired cornerback Cortland Finnegan was there to model the new jerseys for the St. Louis Rams.

Pictures after the jump.

We now have the Rams uni up close and personal.

First, a look at the new look for all 32 teams, as worn by a player representative modeling the new unis today in New York. You can see Cortland Finnegan on the far left on the front row. In this shot, you can barely tell any differences between the new and the old unis.


Individual photos for the new St. Louis Rams uniforms have not been published yet. As soon as they are, we will update this thread or probably post a new one once we have more pics.