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Random Ramsdom, 4/3: Small College Kicker On St. Louis Rams' Radar

The St. Louis Rams continue their pre-draft planning with a busy week.
The St. Louis Rams continue their pre-draft planning with a busy week.

I'll spare you the lengthy introduction. This is a busy week, and we have plenty to cover from the new Nike uniforms to the Torry Holt retirement ... and, of course, the draft and free agency. The St. Louis Rams have a full plate, as do we all this time of year. Without further trap flapping, the links!

Philip Anschutz committed to bringing NFL back to L.A.
AEG is doing some damage control in response to Jason Cole's Yahoo story last week. Now, Tim Leiweke is making the rounds to reassure everyone that Philip Anschutz is committed to the idea of an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles and is willing to buy an entire team in order to make the deal work. Two problems. First, no NFL team is for sale. The Chargers have been said to be the most likely to get put on the market, but people just don't hand off golden geese that pay out no matter what. Second, he has to finance the purchase of a team and a stadium. The gist of Cole's report is that the NFL did not like AEG's plan to finance a stadium, and in the back and forth, LA politicos are moving on to other paying customers. LA will get a stadium eventually, but not before years of politics and a league more than willing to have an open market there.

Claiborne scores a four on the Wonderlic
Ah, the SEC's student athlete tradition ... LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne reportedly scored a four, that's right a four, on his Wonderlic test. How much it matters for life on the gridiron, I don't know, but scoring at the Faulknerian man-child level of a basic intelligence test is a little concerning, if it's true.

No Patriots plans for Danny Amendola

Ultimately, Amedola's visits to Boston, to visit family, were just that, visits with his family. He never had any back-and-forth with the New England Patriots. He has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender, but he did show up yesterday for the first official offseason workouts at Rams Park. More importantly, he's almost completely healed from the dislocated elbow and triceps tear that ended his season last year.

Missouri Western's Zuerlein has NFL attention

The St. Louis Rams will travel to St. Joseph, MO, this week for a private workout with Missouri Western kicker Greg Zuerlein. The All-American from Lincoln Pius X will visit the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday, and he's already held a private tryout for the Vikings. The Bengals also paid him a visit this week.

NFL Draft: Ranking the cornerback class by tiers

If the miss out on Morris Claiborne, they have plenty of other options in the draft, especially with two picks early in the second round. This is a deep class of cornerbacks, again, and someone like Brandon Boykin or Jamell Fleming could contribute early in their careers.