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2012 NFL Draft Open Thread - Day 3 - #2 Plus Post draft Discussion

2012 NFL Draft logo

With two trades moving down in the 1st round, the Rams set themselves up to bring a huge haul back to St. Louis after the 2012 NFL Draft, saying nothing of the two 1st rounders the Redskins will provide them in years to come.

Today, as the Draft slogs to its eventual end, the Rams have five more picks to fill out their 2012 roster. There are some obvious positions that could use shoring up.

Certainly, Brian Quick was a nod to the lack of talent at WR. But given the cacophony with each successive pick suggesting another WR could be in the cards, it's got to be in play throughout the day.

Mike Silver's trilogy from inside the Rams' war room (which if you haven't read, just stop here and go read it now) suggests outside linebacker could be a focus in these latter rounds.

Beyond those two, who knows. You'd think at this point cornerbacks will be off the table. But if we've learned anything from the last decade of following this franchise, the draft is often a place where rational thought gets thrown into the trash.

This should be a fun couple of hours.

Rd Pick (Ovr)
Player POS School
4 96 Chris Givens WR Wake Forest
5 150 (via Chicago Bears) Rokevious Watkins G/OT S. Carolina
6 171 Greg Zuerlein K Missouri Western
7 209 Aaron Brown LB Hawaii
7 252 (compensatory pick)