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2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams 5th Round Pick - Rokevious Watkins

With the 150th pick in the 2012 Nfl Draft, the St. Louis Rams took a swing at hitting offensive line needs. Rokevious Watkins, offensive lineman of of the University of South Carolina, stands 6' 4"+ and weighs in at over 320 lbs. Here's a overview from National Football Post:

A tall, thickly built interior lineman who’s long armed and isn’t real compact in his lower half. Displays average bend to his game when asked to sit into his stance, keeps his base down and head up off the snap and sets very quickly. Demonstrates a good first step, gets his hands up quickly in pass protection and uses his length well on his punch to keep defenders from getting into his frame. However, allows his pad level to get upright when trying to engage. Against better athletes inside he will get caught overextending and struggles to shuffle and slide through contact, will fall off blocks after his initial punch. Slides his feet well laterally in space and has some lateral quickness initially off the snap. Displays a powerful upper body and can stick to blocks at times even when overextended in his lower half as he maximizes his length into defenders. However, should be a much better velcro player and needs to learn to play more balanced/compact in his lower half.

Following a long line of offensive linemen Jeff Fisher seems to find late in the draft, Rokevious could be a day one starter for the Rams, or a project player. Most important to me, is the Rams are continuing to address needs across their draft board.