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2012 NFL Draft Results: Rams WR Chris Givens Wants To Get GSOT Rolling Again

Wake Forest wide receiver Chris Givens became the second receiver selected by the St. Louis Rams in the 2012 NFL Draft. Givens, at 5'11", is on the opposite end of the spectrum for wide receivers from Brian Quick, the 6'3" receiver the Rams picked in the 2nd round. Speaking to the media on a conference call following his selection, Givens said that he was excited to work with Quick and bring the Greatest Show on Turf back to St. Louis.

"Yes, definitely," Givens answered when asked if he and Quick would complement each other. "We're really going to complement each other well. We're going to come in and work hard, and put our best foot forward, and try to get ‘The Greatest Show on Turf' back going again."

Rams fans will be delighted to hear that, though the coaching staff under Jeff Fisher may never take the same kind of wide open spread approach to the offense.