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Time To Cancel The Danario Alexander Experiment?

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Saturday is the last day of the draft. The Rams have selected five players going into the fourth round today. Now the Rams will try to get good depth, potential starters, and diamonds in the rough.

The Rams already drafted their wide receiver, but who is to say that they wouldn't draft another?

It doesn't seem far fetched to think that the Rams would draft two wide receivers, for the 2nd straight time. I mean they did draft two good corners this year, Fisher wants his guys.

This could spell the end for Danario Alexander, who has all the potential in the world, but an injury list as long as a list of men who dated an Kardashian.

You may be asking why him and not a player like Brandon Gibson or Austin Pettis? it's simple, he just can't stay healthy.

When you think about it, any wide receiver could get cut and it wouldn't be a surprise, besides Greg Salas and Danny Amendola, but that's a story for another day.

The thing is, this regime doesn't have any ties to "DX": Is he talented? Hell yeah, but it doesn't matter if he isn't on the field, it seems like it's time to move on and this draft would be a good chance to. Because think about it, Fisher doesn't have a reason to keep Alexander if he can't stay healthy.

Here's what Brennan Smith from, had to say about the matter. I agree with him, about his evaluation of the situation.

I think it is time to cut him loose. He was a great deep threat and was probably the Rams' most imposing big play threat over the last two seasons, but is simply a liability injury wise. The Rams will almost certainly take a wide receiver in the first two rounds, leaving very little room on a roster littered with second and third rate pass catchers. Snead and Fisher will be looking for their own brand of guys, leaving Greg Salas, Danny Amendola, Steve Smith and Austin Pettis (at least for one more season) as the only sure bets. DX is a local guy and has been a contributor on the offense in both blocking and the occasional big play but may fall victim to his own injury history and a numbers game of only keeping so many receivers.

I'm not dumb enough to say that this will happen during or right after the draft, Also I'm not trying to slander him, this isn't an attack on him. I just think that the Rams would want to look towards a more reliable player.

What player could replace Alexander? Well here's a short list of lower round guys, that the Rams can try and develop.

1. Rico Wallace- 6-3, 210 lbs, 4.53 forty time, Shenadoah University

The Rams drafted a player that was from a small school, so why not do it again? Wallace has everything that you would want in a NFL wide receiver. He's not really fast, but he's good at adjusting to the ball,and good catching the ball, I think he has a nice catching radius. He should be a good possession wide receiver.

Dale Moss- 6 foot 3, forty time between 4.38-4.45, South Dakota State

The easiest way to describe this player would be Stephen Hill of small schools. Moss had a pretty good year, but he's only been playing football for one year. However his athleticism is off the charts, I like his catching radius and I like what he does after the catch. I don't see him playing one year of football as a flaw, I see it as a plus, that means he still has lot's to learn. He should be a good late round pick, if the Rams draft him.

Chris Givens-5 foot 11, forty time 4.41, Wake Forest

Given's is a good player, no one really talked about him, before Mike Mayock put him in the top 5 wide receivers before the combine. After that he's been dropping, but he's still in interesting player. He's pretty fast and a good vertical guy, the type of player that the Rams we're missing last year,

Chris Givens vs Virgina Tech 2011 (via JMPasq)