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2012 NFL Draft Best Available Running Backs

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In case your forgot in all the Trent Richardson talk, the St. Louis Rams need a running back. They need a guy to pair with him, if not be his eventual replacement. Let's take a quick look at some options the team has with their collection of day-two picks.

Lamar Miller, Miami - A speedier outside threat, can he be more of a Ray Rice type or strictly one-dimensional?

Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati - I talked to Pead a little on Wednesday night, and then some more about him with Greg Cosell afterward. Is pretty good all-around player. Would be a useful addition, and the Rams could use his outside speed in 2012.

Chris Polk, Washington - More of a bowling ball between-the-tackles guy. He got worked into the passing game late, but showed well in that role.

LaMichael James, Oregon - A good player that gets compared to Darren Sproles. His size bothers some.

Robert Turbin, Utah State - Another big guy, but he has questions about his speed.