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2012 NFL Draft: Will the St. Louis Rams Trade Down Again?

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With the first round done, the St. Louis Rams are facing another busy night with three picks in the 2nd round. Right now they have picks 33, 39, and 45, not too shabby for a team that went 2-14 and was stuck with the 2nd pick in the draft this year.

So who will the Rams draft tonight? Will it be LSU's former wide receiver Rueban Randle? What about Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill? Hey there's always offensive linemen Cordy Glenn?

The Rams have their pick between those players and their are still more good players left, but don't be surprised if the Rams trade down one more time.

Aaron Wilson (from Fox and tweeted this an hour ago.

Already hearing rumors about the Rams getting calls for their first pick tonight. Teams are interested in Stephen Hill.

Would it surprise anyone if the Rams didn't stay at 33? The 33rd pick overall is always one of the most talked about picks in the draft, because teams get a chance to recharge and change their draft board.

Who knows what the Rams could get for the 33rd pick overall, they could swap picks and draft in the late second round and get a couple more picks in the later round.

Or, who knows they might even be able to get a first round pick next year, which would be great.

There's lot's of talent left in the second round tonight, I guess we will see how much the Rams like them.