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Random Ramsdom 4/27: And you thought yesterday was crazy...

Whew!!! Take a deep breath. Yesterday was insane!! That was one of the most entertaining first round in recent memory. The new rookie wage scale has had a huge impact on draft strategy. Teams now aren't afraid to trade up, because now the huge cap hit that would have to be taken for selected a top ten player, doesn't exist. This allowed the Rams to pull off their second trade down of this draft. After trading the 6th pick to the Cowboys for their 1st and 2nd round picks, the Rams selected Michael Brockers out of LSU.

Brockers can step in and help solve what has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue on the Rams the last few seasons; run defense. Also the Rams have 3 2nd round picks now. Brockers is a good start for the Rams, but the real bounty will be had in the second round today.

On to the links!!

Michael Brockers' First Interview as a Ram

Guess which site got the first interview with Brockers officially being a Ram? That's right it us baby!! Van was on scene in New York and got some great content out of the Rams new DT.

Rams miss out on two WRs by one pick

Many Rams fans were hoping to get out of this first round with a shiny new WR for Sam Bradford. That didn't happen as Justin Blackmon was selected at 5 when the Rams held the 6th pick and Michael Floyd was selected at 13 when the Rams held the 14th pick. Twice the Rams missed out on filling a major need. You can bet your bottom dollar that with one or maybe even two of their 3 2nd round picks, the Rams will be writing down a WRs name.

A non-draft related note...

The Pro-Bowl might be gone. The league is very upset with the level of competition in the game, which has now become a meaningless scrimmage that barely resembles football. The Pro-Bowl balloting will still exist without the game, just the game wouldn't be played. About damn time NFL. Just change it to a skills competition already.

How the Rams-Cowboys trade happened

Basically here's what happened. Scouts told Jerry Jones that he is the best CB prospect since Deion Sanders. Jerry likes that. The Rams called them around noon yesterday telling Jerry they are willing to trade down. The Cowboys instantly took the Rams offer to trade up. They thought according to the draft charts that their 4th rounder would have to be included, but the Rams were very willing to trade down. Maybe the Rams weren't as high on Claiborne as originally thought, or maybe they really wanted Brockers?

Rams D-line now a strength

Rams' GM Les Snead says that now with the Brockers pick, the Rams defensive line is now a real strength. This is great news for a team that honestly hasn't had a strength as a team for a very long time. This unit could potentially be one of the best in the league. It lacks depth right now, but there are still 6 rounds to go.

Rams options in round two

The Rams hold 3 of the next 13 picks in the draft and there are still many great players available. Cordy Glenn could fill a huge need at LG. Jonathan Martin could be a potential steal for the offensive line. Ruben Randall, Alshon Jeffery and Stephen Hill are the best WRs available. Coby Fleener is also an option as the Rams could use another good TE to help Sam Bradford. There is also a huge hole at OLB and Lavonte David and Zach Brown are available. Another intriguing prospect who is still left is Janoris Jenkins, who the Rams had pre-draft visits with. He has supreme talent, but huge character flaws. He will definitely be of interest for the Rams.

That's all for today. Stay tuned to TST today. The Rams have 3 early second round picks and we will have instant reactions to all of them. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!