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The Death of AJ Jenkins


We have gathered here today to remember the life of AJ Jenkins as the favorite player of one Brick Top.

AJ Jenkins is a proud Illini, strong and true, who wore proudly the orange and the blue.

He graced Memorial Stadium with his amazing play, where he brought crowds to their feat every Saturday.

He was the go to guy, on a offense that could truly fly.

He became the favorite player of a freshman, that believed that the Ilini could go to the Rose Bowl "They can!"

But sadly the Illini offense couldn't sustain, attempts to move the ball were in vain.

The Illini lost 6 straight games, Zook was fired, there was shame.

Then draft season did sprout, Jenkins was ignored by the scouts

He was though to be a mid round pick, but sadly for this Top of Brick

Harbaugh saw the light, he witnessed AJ Jenkins might.

He took him with pick 30, he shocked the world surely.

But then in a dorm room that's quite boring, a young man was mourning.

"For a 49er I can't cheer!, I most certainly need a beer!"

A niner has no soul, as determined by TST polls.

San Fran is hated for this reason, Brick couldn't commit treason.

So in his mind he eliminated Jenkins, to cheer for him was beyond reason.

AJ Jenkins died as the favorite player from his Illini.

But don't worry about this sad story,

because for every Rams need, there is Les Snead.