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2012 NFL Draft: NFC West Recap

It's been a whirlwind for NFC West teams. Hell, it's been a whirlwind for the Rams fans alone. If you asked anyone what would have happened in the draft, I don't know if anyone would have been able to guess this. Exciting? Hell yes. One can only hope that tomorrow the Rams, with three picks in the first half of the second round, will add some serious talent to a team that desperately needs it. Here are the NFC West selections, in order:


Michael Floyd, WR

Ari_medium Arizona told Larry Fitzgerald they'd add Michael Floyd, and then stayed true to their word. Floyd is a physical receiver who is an excellent addition next to Larry Fitzgerald. He's instantly their number two receiver whose go-get-the-ball talent will seriously help the uninspired play at QB.


Michael Brockers, DT

Stl_medium The Rams traded back, passing on players like Morris Claiborne or Fletcher Cox (who almost made it to them only to be stolen by the Eagles). Brockers is a raw prospect who isn't much of a pass rushing threat, but is a tremendous run-stuffer. He'll give the Rams some serious credentials of the defensive line and they had huge problems against the run. Of course, the Rams were also dead last in sacks allowed and one above dead last in offensive yards per game, so ignoring those offensive issues is a gamble.


Bruce Irvin, OLB

What the hell is this? Seattle probably made the worst pick of the first round. Irvin has pass rushing chops, but picked at fifteen? No way. The Seahawks, much to the chagrin of TST members, made a boneheaded decision here. They need sacks, but picking Irvin here was NOT the way to get them. Did Matt Millen hijack the war room? I guess we'll never know.


AJ Jenkins, WR

Sfx_medium I'm sure Brandon is in agony right now. Jenkins has been climbing up the boards and had a private workout with the Rams right before the draft. However, with other players like Coby Fleener or Stephen Hill available, it's a little bit of a reach. Either way, the 49ers are going all in after adding so many receivers this offseason.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the Brockers pick, I think the Rams had an excellent day today. With the rest of the NFC West making someone suspect selections (except Arizona), the Rams made a big leap forward. Say goodbye to Rams of old, because Jeff Fisher's vision begins today.