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Rams-Cowboys Trade: St. Louis Moves Down, Gets Another 2nd-Round Pick

The St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys have made a deal. The Cowboys and the Rams announced a trade moments ago at the 2012 NFL Draft. The move puts the Rams in the 14th spot and adds a second-round pick to their quiver.

As for what the target is now, don't be surprised if Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright get mentioned as a possibilities. We know that the Rams are planning to draft a receiver in the early part of the draft. Fletcher Cox is a stretch to fall that far. Don't be surprised

Another option to look out for is moving into the later part of the first round. With three second-round picks, the Rams have plenty of ammo to get a deal done for a move up to get a specific player.

The Rams get Dallas' 45th overall pick, so now they have the 33rd, 39th and 45th picks in the second round.

What would you do with the 14th pick?