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NFL Draft Trade News: Jaguars Swap With Tampa Bay, Justin Blackmon The Likely Target

The second trade of the night is done. The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded up to the fifth spot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The likely target? Justin Blackmon.

It could mean the Rams get more aggressive in seeking a trade down. Or it could mean they take another player. Right now, there is no real sense of what the Rams will do with the sixth pick. They are on the clock right now.

Blackmon and Richardson were considered the most likely targets for the Rams. Neither will be there after these two trades.

Fletcher Cox is one option, if they don't trade down. Another possibility is Michael Floyd, who they put through a private workout last weekend, ahead of the draft. Many believe that Floyd is worthy of a top-10 pick, and a number mocks recently had him in the seventh spot ... to the Jaguars.

More trades are expected in the coming minutes, which could have implications for the Rams. Keep an eye on the Mark Barron rumors.