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Rams Draft Trade Rumors: Jaguars Interested In Trading Up For Justin Blackmon

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Adam Schefter is reporting that the Jacksonville Jaguars are interested in moving up for wide receiver Justin Blackmon. That could make things interesting for the St. Louis Rams, who have Blackmon pretty highly regarded in their evaluations.

UPDATE: Now Clayton is reporting the Rams are interested in trading up for Blackmon.

Of course, swapping picks would be a push in terms of players available since the Rams have the sixth and Jacksonville has the seventh. It would net them an extra pick which always comes in handy.

Blackmon was one of four receivers the Rams had a last-minute private workout with last weekend. The others were Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd and AJ Jenkins. Other than Jenkins, those are all first-round picks. Only Floyd is viewed as a top-10 pick, but teams have vastly different evaluations

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