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Who Should the St. Louis Rams Select at Number Six?

Will Trent Richardson be wearing a Rams' cap by the end of the day?
Will Trent Richardson be wearing a Rams' cap by the end of the day?

This is it. Draft day is finally here. No more arguing about Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson not being worth a top ten pick. No more picking apart every single college players' game to find out trivial flaws. No more judging college students for making typical bad decisions that college students are wont to make. No more mock drafts (actually I'll probably have a 2013 mock draft out sooner than you think, so sorry you don't get to escape from those). Hit the jump to find out who I think the Rams should take, and who I think they will take.

I think David DeCastro is the best prospect in the draft, and he should be the pick. However, that is very unlikely to happen. Most likely, the Rams will take someone from the group of Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon Morris Claiborne, or Fletcher Cox. Richardson and Claiborne will likely go to the Browns and Buccaneers respectively. Cox has been shooting up draft boards recently, but recent reports suggest that the Rams aren't comfortable with taking him at number six. Blackmon will likely be the pick. Please take a second and vote for who you think the Rams should draft, so we can get a good feel for who the fan-base wants to draft.