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2012 NFL Draft Open Thread - Round 1

2012 NFL Draft logo



First, the pic below the NFL Draft logo is Ryan's seat at the big Show!

Second... Are you ready? It's that time of year; the very day in fact. The 2012 NFL Draft is about to begin.

Go through your pre-draft check list - 145" flat screen TV you bought yesterday and plan on returning Monday? Check! Lucky Rams underwear Downy soft? Check! A different kind of beer for every pick in the first round? Check! Spouse or significant other visiting their sister two states away? OK, you can dream can't you?

Welcome to the Turf Show Times - NFL Draft Open Thread! We gather here to cheer or jeer draft picks made by the St. Louis Rams, and pretty much anyone else. It's time to "I told you so" when a player you've wanted to be picked is chosen, and to groan when they aren't.

The St. Louis Rams have a lot riding on the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. They hold the #6, #33 and #39 picks. Can they make the right choices to make the 2011 a distant memory? Time to turn our eyes to Rodger Goodell as he takes the stage. Ready, set - GO!

Pick (Ovr) Pick (Rd) Team Player POR School
1 1 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 2 Washington Redskins (via St. Louis Rams)
Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
3 3 Cleveland Browns (via Minnesota Vikings) Trent Richardson RB Alabama
4 4 Minnesota Vikings (via Cleveland Browns) Matt Kalil OT USC
5 5 Jacksonville Jaguars (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St.
6 6 Dallas Cowboys (via St. Louis Rams via Washington Redskins) Morris Claiborne CB LSU
7 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Jacksonville Jaguars) Mark Barron SS Alabama
8 8 Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
9 9 Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly ILB Boston Coll.
10 10 Buffalo Bills
11 11 Kansas City Chiefs
12 12 Seattle Seahawks
13 13 Arizona Cardinals
14 14 St. Louis Rams (via Dallas Cowboys)

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