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2012 NFL Mock Draft: One Last Prediction

Matt Kalil does a guest spot on "The First 48," as the body.
Matt Kalil does a guest spot on "The First 48," as the body.

Things could get really strange for the St. Louis Rams in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. There are plenty of people here who think that they have a realistic chance of trading out of that spot. That will depend on just how desperate teams get to lock down the player they want. In the most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft for SB Nation, I did not envision a trade for the Rams. Instead, they went a different direction.

The pick here was Matt Kalil.

If this is how the first five picks shake out, the Rams would be best advised to take Kalil. Will they? I don't know. Fisher has never picked an offensive lineman in the first round of he draft.

From a Rams perspective, I don't think Kalil will be the pick. FIrst of all, I don't think he'll make it there. Some team, possibly even via a trade, will get him in the top five picks.

I also wonder about Fisher's willingness to draft a left tackle with such a high pick in the draft. The Rams could use one, but he's never had that proclivity.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.