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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mayock Mocks Mo

(cutline removed for not being good enough to match photo's perfection)
(cutline removed for not being good enough to match photo's perfection)

Ahead of tonight's one-hour special, Mike Mayock just released his first round mock draft. In it, he has the Rams selecting Morris Claiborne at #6 with Matt Kalil, Trent Richardson and Justin Blackmon off the board in that order.

It wouldn't be the worst selection, pairing the physicality of new signing Cortland Finnegan's game with that of Claiborne's.

Maybe most interesting to me personally is his top 5. IMO, that's the situation that lends itself best to the Rams trading out of the pick. With Claiborne, Ryan Tannehill and every defensive lineman still in play, that might be the optimal situation if the Rams are looking to add to their haul from this draft.

Given that there are rumblings of Fletcher Cox being the key piece to a top six trade and Miami's continued interest in Ryan Tannehill, it's not impossible that the Rams would find a way to move back in the first round in this scenario...something we discussed on Sunday on the most recent episode of Turf Show Radio (now in iTunes robot earpiece format).

So what's your take, Rams Nation? How do you feel the Rams should play their hand if the Kalil-Richardson-Blackmon trio is indeed gone before the Rams are on the clock?

As I've been saying for months, the safe pick is to go with a short snapper. Maybe this is how it all comes together...