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Random Ramsdom 4/25: One more day!


It's almost here. The draft is almost upon us. Finally we can stop debating in circles about who the Rams should and will take. We can stop reading thousands of mock least for a few months. The process will finally all come together. Stayed tuned to TST for all the latest news. Our own Ryan Van Bibber is currently in the fray that is New York right now to get us some great stories. This is our biggest day of the year here on TST and we would like to thank all of you who make TST you're first stop for all the latest and greatest news about the Rams!

Links time!

Andrew Luck is the Colts new QB

Please stop with the RG3 v. Luck debate. The Colts are going with Luck as their GM confirmed to Luck himself.

Does Steven Jackson really want to be trade?

News came out that Steven Jackson wants a new contract or that he would like to be traded. The Rams completely denied that any of those reports are accurate and they said that Steven has not asked for a new contract or to be traded, but if he did, this is exactly what they would say. There is nothing to gain form saying a player wants to be traded, unless he himself tells the media. We'll find out the truth soon enough.

Fletcher Cox an option at 5?

Jason La Canfora said that many teams are interested in trading up to 5 to take Fletcher Cox. Obviously he is a target for the Rams, and teams talking about trading up signals that the Rams are very intrigued by Cox. How high is he on the Rams board? Find out tomorrow. Should be exciting as hell.

Mike Mayock's Top 100 Prospects

Here's a list of the top prospects in the draft. Mayock always does very good work, and it will be a great reference for the mid-rounds. Take a quick look y'all.

A scout's take on the Rams' draft

Mike Sando asked Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. about the Rams draft. Again he reiterates the point that Blackmon isn't on the level of AJ Green and Julio Jones, but that the value of WRs is high. He likes Kalil a lot and he says that he sees no way the Rams pass on him if he unlikely falls to them. Overall this is what he had to say...

They're in a great spot. I don't see how it unfolds where they don't get a good player. Richardson is going to go before the Rams pick. It could come down to Kalil or Blackmon. Either way, they will get a guy who helps their team.

Finally, do our mock draft contest!! You can prove your draft knowledge and win a jersey, a team watch and a team hat!!!

Have a good one and GO RAMS!!!