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Steven Jackson Trade Rumors: Which Teams Would Be A Fit?

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Apparently St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson is on the block, another veteran player likely to get moved during the NFL Draft. Due $14 million over the next two seasons, when he'll be 29 and 30, Jackson is not likely to command a significant return for the Rams, who no doubt have his potential replacement identified already. Another question worth asking is which teams might be interested in Jackson.

First and foremost, it's important to identify Jackson's role in an offense. He can still catch passes, though his explosiveness after the catch is not what it used to be. Jackson's still has the power to move the pile and work between the tackles very effectively. His vision and knowledge of the game are two assets that will continue to make him valuable. Ideally, a team would pair him with a smaller, speedier outside threat, someone they could find in the middle rounds of the draft. Why the Rams wouldn't be interested in doing the same is probably irrelevant at this point.

Cleveland Browns - Pat Shurmur knows Jackson well from his time in St. Louis. The Browns lost Peyton Hillis, and need a replacement.

Cincinnati Bengals - They lost Cedric Benson, and have no interest in bringing him back as a free agent. Jackson can do what Benson can do, only better at this point in his career.

Denver Broncos - With the new quarterback in town, the Broncos have reportedly been looking to add a bigger back to share the load with Willis McGahee. Working with Manning would also give Jackson a better shot at a Super Bowl sooner rather than later.

Indianapolis Colts - Breaking in a rookie quarterback always requires a running threat. Jackson could pair with Donald Brown.

New England Patriots - Why the Pats would need another running back is beyond me, but they have been looking at veteran free agents this season. Bill Belichick is likely to accumulate a handful of late-round picks this season, making it easy to nab Jackson. Also, Josh McDaniels knows him.

Pittsburgh Steelers - They'd have to free up cap space, but with Rashard Mendenhall on the shelf early in the season, they could use a back like Jackson.