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2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Looking For A Defensive Tackle, But Which One?

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Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox has been the draft crush du jour for almost a week now among the punditry and a fair number of St. Louis Rams fans. The thinking goes that Cox could be the pick at six overall, barring a trade down. It certainly does sound like the Rams are targeting a defensive tackle early in the draft, based on a weekend report from Pro Football Weekly.

But is Cox the target?

The Rams signed Kendall Langford to a four-year, $24 million contract. The former Miami Dolphin will start at one of the interior spots, though which one has not been made perfectly clear. Langford can play either a three-technique or in the A gap or even directly over a guard or center. Much of it will depend on the matchup.

Cox would be more of a true three-technique, if he's the pick for St. Louis.

Fisher might just as easily find his defensive tackle in the second round.

Our sources in St. Louis aren't wavering in their belief that the Rams are planning on drafting a defensive tackle to start alongside free-agent addition Kendall Langford. "They feel there are eight to 10 guys available (who are) capable of starting right away," one source told PFW.

Some combination of Jerel Worthy, Kendall Reyes, Brandon Thompson and Devon Still is likely to be available at the top of the second round, especially now that pass rushers are making a late break up the board.

Those two second round picks are gold in this year's draft, with so many prospects bunched together in talent levels. The Rams should be able to draft two players early in the second that many would view as first-round quality picks.

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