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Random Ramsdom 4/23/12


Tick-tock, Tick-tock... The NFL Draft clock winds its way down to the big show. Radio Music City hall will be rockin' and every football fan will be knockin'. We don't get to come in, we lowly masses, but our very own Ryan Van Bibber will be there, shaking the bushes for stories to feed Turf Show Times.

Lot's of chatter out there the closer we get to the draft, so let's have a look at a few stories for your morning read...

The big news today at TST is the "Top 4 Team Picks Contest", Make sure to enter your picks, and don't forget to take a peek at the rules before you do...

Fire sale for Asante Samuel? - It looks like the Eagles can't find a buyer for their third wheel cornerback? Word has it they would consider a 5th or 6th round pick to unload Samuel and his hefty salary? $10 million this season and $11.5 million next year could limit potential suitors.

Mike Mayock takes a look at Linebackers in the coming NFL Draft - He names his "sleeper" LB, and shows his unabashed man-crush for Luke Kuechly. This could be one of the deepest LB draft pools we've seen in years.

Stephon Gilmore's stock is rising fast - Not sure if this is anything but smoke and mirrors, but's Michael Lombardi, and NFL Films Greg Cosell seem to think so? The South Carolina corner back prospect is now being touted as a "Top 10" pick?

Miami is heating up Tannehill rumors - Get ready for the Dolphins' owner to blow another deal. I truly feel for Miami fans if team owner Stephen Ross let's this pitch sail by...

The fifth year option causing teams to hesitate to trade up...or was it down? - This is a special article for all the TSTers who are accountants or Salary Cap nuts. be sure to drop by the comment thread and tell me what it means?

Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier doesn't seem to be sold on taking Matt Kalil - Not sure if this is just pre-draft drivel or if Frazier is getting his team's fanbase ready for a kick to their collective groins? A riot by Vikings fan in the offing? If they take anyone but the star USC left tackle, getting a new stadium deal may not be the team's only concern...

Some players are arrogant, but a Punter? - Cal punter Bryan Anger seems to think he'll be drafted... Check that: He knows he'll be drafted! Am I the only one that wants to see him sitting in the green room at the NFL Draft?

Finally, here's a bit of Video for your Monday morning from CBS Sports. They take a nice look at the offensive tackles that could go in the first few rounds