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Turf Show Radio - NFL Draft Spectacular, 5pm ET Open Thread


We're less than a week away from the NFL Draft, so we've obviously got the singular topic to discuss today at 5pm ET on Turf Show Radio.

It'll help us move things along if you call in.

So call in at (724) 444-7444, enter the show ID and pound symbol (97249#), and then enter your TalkShoe ID (if you don't have one, enter 1# to call in as a guest). And as always, the chat room's a, um, lively place to discuss...stuff.

We can talk prospects, schools, positions, needs, whatever. This is your chance to put the conversation in motion, live, on real American, certified radio. That doesn't mean anything.

So get at us. Let's talk draft. And artisanal mayo. You thought I forgot? Please.


(NOTE: Smiff620's FanPost explains how to get on the show and in the chat room. If you're confused about the format or new to the show, this should be required reading. Thanks, Smiff)