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2012 NFL Draft: 7th Round Options

This was the only J.R. Sweezy photo available from the SBN engine. It is also likely all you need to see of J.R. Sweezy.
This was the only J.R. Sweezy photo available from the SBN engine. It is also likely all you need to see of J.R. Sweezy.

Let's not sugarcoat this - it's the 7th round. You kind of just want to be done with it by now. But you might need to fill out special teams, or maybe there's a one-tool guy you love that you think might be able to work in your system. While the TV personalities are talking about the day one guys, teams are wrapping up their draft classes.

For the Rams, here are 11 guys that could be in play.

For reference: 3rd round options, 4th round options, 6th round options.

Frank Alexander, DE - Oklahoma; Ryan Van Bergen, DE Michigan

With Chris Long and Robert Quinn manning the bookends on the defensive line, the Rams may look to find a James Hall-type late in the draft. Should that be the case, Alexander and Van Bergen fit the bill. Alexander has room to put on a bit more weight, while Van Bergen is already at 290.

Nine more prospects after the jump.

Robert Blanton, CB - Notre Dame

Blanton's got plus size and athleticism, but his footwork is, well, horrendous. Great juxtaposition between the Michigan game (where he was horrible, but came away with a pick) and the Michigan State game (where he played very well). Welcome to the 7th round.

J.R. Sweezy, DT - North Carolina St.

Weezy? Jeezy? Yeezy?! No. Sweezy. Seriously, there's nothing spectacular here. Average to below average in all facets. Did I mention he assaulted a bus driver? Yes, I just did.

Neiko Thorpe, FS - Auburn

Decent size, solid speed. The end. Seriously. That's it. Everything else is not good.

Al Netter, G - Northwestern

Netter played at tackle for the Wildcats, but will likely be asked to move inside after the draft. There's quickness and power to his game, but he's far too direct to play tackle. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go in the 5th. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go undrafted either.

Danny Trevathan, OLB - Kentucky

Trevathan went into this season held in higher regard than he is now largely because his lack of acceleration was exposed. He just can't change direction well. And for an OLB, that's absolutely crucial. Could be part of a rotation in a year or two. Worth it?

Josh Oglesby, OT - Wisconsin

Never overlook Badger O-linemen. Natural skills, elite size...elite injuries. Six knee surgeries in college? Six?! Sad story. Oglesby could have been special.

Bryce Brown, RB - Uh...

What can you say about the biggest enigma in the draft? The top RB out of high school in his class (over then #2 Trent Richardson...), Brown went to Tennessee and flashed brilliance. He then decided to transfer to Kansas name only. He sat out the 2010 season and only had 3 carries in 2011. Hope it was nice to play with his brother, because he threw away what could have been a special college career. Can he make it at the next level? Only time will tell, but it's hard to trust this guy.

Jordan White, WR - W. Michigan

Think a stronger, less YAC-y Brandon Gibson. Works the middle of the field well, but no burst, no shiftiness. Could be worth a shot

Charles Mitchell, SS - Mississippi St.

Not an athlete (see the Alshon Jeffery catch at the end of the S. Carolina game), but a willing tackler and run defender. Still, not strong enough to play up in the box. More than a special teams guy? Maybe. Craig Dahl comes to mind.

So what prospects would you like to see the Rams spend a pick on to avoid losing them in post-draft free agency? What other names should be in play?