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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King Says Rams Have To Take A Receiver

Give this man a receiver!
Give this man a receiver!

Peter King from Sports Illustrated said on Friday that the St. Louis Rams do have Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon highly rated on their draft board and are considering him for the sixth pick. This time next week, we'll know how that turns out, but until then all we can do is guess.

King mocked Blackmon to the Rams in his latest mock draft. Mock drafting aside, King makes a larger point about the Rams and Blackmon in the video after the jump.

First, you'll note the production value versus TSTv. Hey, we love our guerrilla studio efforts here at TST. More importantly, King says that the Rams would be doing Sam Bradford a great injustice in asking him to take the field for a third season without better receivers around him.

Nobody would deny that point, but they might quibble with whether or not Blackmon qualifies as a significant upgrade.

Floyd fans will note that King also holds forth the possibility of the Rams drafting Michael Floyd.