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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Guessing Games

Can't Justin Blackmon "catch" a little love? Punny.
Can't Justin Blackmon "catch" a little love? Punny.

Mock drafts suddenly have an tinge of intrigue now that the rumor mill is in full effect. A new mock from Evan Silva at NBC Sports has some interesting twists and turns on it that could impact the St. Louis Rams.

Let's run down some of the latest conventional wisdom and how that might impact the Rams' sixth pick.

For the Rams' the pick is Fletcher Cox.

Everyone wants to send Blackmon to the Rams. It makes some sense. The Rams need a receiver, and he's widely considered the best one available. But this is a deep, deep wideout draft, and Blackmon isn't a top-six overall talent. During Jeff Fisher's 17 seasons with the Titans/Oilers organization, the club used first-round picks on defensive linemen more than any other position. Fisher never used a top-15 pick on a receiver. Cox is loaded with upside. He just turned 21.

The Cox talk is definitely the latest about the Rams, replacing the Trent Richardson talk from last week. That's about as sure a sign as any that nobody knows what the hell the Rams will do at six. Don't rule out trade possibilities either.

More and more it looks like Richardson is going to the Browns, and Silva notes the possibility of them trading up using their 22nd pick if they're inclined to take a chance on Tannehill.

Tampa Bay looks certain to take Claiborne if he's there, with Aqib Talib trade rumors and Ronde Barber is playing safety in mini-camp.

Justin Blackmon, the prospect every likes but no one loves, drops to the Dolphins at No. 8, and Ryan Tannehill slides to the Chiefs.