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2012 NFL Draft: Mayock Says Rams Should Grab One Of Two DTs In The Second Round

Mike Mayock says Devon Still could be an option for the St. Louis Rams in round two.
Mike Mayock says Devon Still could be an option for the St. Louis Rams in round two.

NFL draft wizard Mike Mayock descended from the mountaintop for hour on Thursday to dispense knowledge on us peons in the media, via conference call. Naturally, ate it up with a spoon. Early on in the call, Mayock was asked about the St. Louis Rams taking a defensive tackle with their sixth overall pick. Only two players merited a first-round pick according to Mayock, and only one was worthy of a top 10 selection.

Best is class defensive tackle goes to none other than Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State, who is being mentioned again lately as a possibility for the Rams.

"I think he could end up going nine to Carolina if he doesn't go earlier," Mayock said. "He can play on the edge. He's a 4-3 end but I think he's better suited in a 4-3 as a defensive tackle. He's stout and can push the pocket."

The other first-round worthy defensive tackle in Mayock's eyes is Dontari Poe. The situation with Poe is that he value is all tied up in potential. Mayock called him a "very average football player" currently, but one who could be another version of Haloti Ngata.

Mayock's recommendation for the Rams differs. He says they should set their sights on a pair of player that could be had at the top of the second round.

"I think Brandon Thompson from Clemson is somebody that can play at that level," Mayock said. "Devon Still, a lot of people have it late in the first round. I've got him as an early second round pick. I think for what St. Louis does defensively in the top of the second rounds, those two guys would be intriguing."

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, some draft profile vids on the players mentioned here.