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Random Ramsdom, April 20th

Hey everybody! It's not officially less than a week until the draft. The excitement has been building here at TST over the last few months. Debates over who to pick at 6 have been very intriguing, but the draft cannot come soon enough. Let's get to those links now shall we?

Rams minicamp update

CBSSports had a decent update on where things stand for the Rams going into minicamp. Obviously, getting all the injured players back to action is important. The most important of those injured players is Sam Bradford. He rested his ankle for a full two months after the season. The Rams success may depend on how well Bradford has recovered. Furthermore, he players and the new coaches have started to get to know one another. What also can't be ignored is that this is the first coaching that Jeff Fisher has done in a year. I guarantee that he is glad to be back.

Fletcher Cox to Rams at 6?

Jason LaCanfora says that he can easily see the Rams selecting Cox at number six. He pointed out how Jeff Fisher's draft history shows a trend of picking defensive linemen high in the draft. He also discussed the depth of the WR class this year being a key factor. The Rams can find a good WR at the top of the second round, but that won't be able to find a DT nearly as good as Cox.

Trent Richardson and Steven Jackson

In case you missed it yesterday Steven Jackson had some very interesting comments yesterday about the Rams possibly taking Alabama RB Trent Richardson. Steven Jackson went through a situation where he sat behind a legend for a few years in Marshall Faulk. Their relationship wasn't good to say the least, but Jackson doesn't see the same thing happening between him and Richardson.

"All I can do through my own lessons replacing another legend, is try to be there for the young guy," Jackson said. "If he's receptive, I'll help him and do the world for him. And if not, you've just got to compete - and I'm not backing down."

Former Rams FB, Mike Karney, who is still a great friend of Steven had this to say on Twitter.

I think it would be embraced in the beginning [Steven Jackson and Trent Richardson] but don't think that will last long for SJ.

Top 64 Big Board

Rob Rang put out his big board yesterday. I strongly suggest reading it, but I know what y'all want to know. Trent Richardson is 4th and Justin Blackmon is 7th. What is very interesting is that he has troubled CB, Janoris Jenkins ranked 64th. He is concerned with Jenkins' character. Jenkins visited with the Rams and would certainly be of intrest to the Rams in the 2nd round if available. Jeff Fisher has had success with troubled players before. Could Jenkins be a potential steal for the Rams?

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!