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2012 NFL Draft: 6th Round Options

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This is usually when the insanity sets in. It's late in day 3 of the NFL Draft. You've consumed hour upon hour of draft coverage. Your memory gets hazy.

"Wait, did the Ravens take Smithsonian? Hold on. I think he's a basketball recruit. Oh God, what time is it? Oh, 11 am. Whew. I thought it was like 2am. Man, this day's going slow. I think I'm hungry, but I just had a sandwich. Am I supposed to be hungry? Oh look, the pick is in. The Falcons...192nd pick...what kind of name for a school is that? St. Olaf? Haha, they probably like Wenceslaus I and dress like him and talk like him. Why do I know who that is? Aw crap, what time is it? Man this is going slow."

So for those of you looking to spare yourself the phantasmic experience of the 6th round on, these names might be worth considering before skipping to the recap next weekend. (NOTE: The Rams don't have a 5th round pick stemming from the Brandon Lloyd trade)

For reference: 3rd round options, 4th round options. Let's start off with a double from College Station.

Coryell Judie, CB - Texas A&M

I love Judie's game. He's got strong ball skills, and is really soft in his lower body. But man, this guy gets hurt. A lot. He injured his shoulder after transferring from a junior college, requiring surgery and forcing him to redshirt in 2009. In 2010, he reinjured the shoulder, but delayed surgery until after the season. This year, he pulled his hamstring and missed six games intermittently. Based on pure skills and speed, Judie has a top two round makeup. But how high can you draft a guy knowing that his 2012 season is a HUGE question mark health-wise?

Jeff Fuller, WR - Texas A&M (MTD Prospect Notes, MTD Quick Report)

And since we're on Aggies with injury concerns, Fuller had them all this year. Foot, hamstring, concussion, ankle, knee...he was pretty much a big, fast injury every game. If you go back to his 2010 season, though, you see the makings of a very solid big man possession WR. He wasn't great after the catch, but he has great body control. The key for him is to work on his precision. He lumbers through routes, and that allows speedier guys to disrupt his movement. Could well be worth a shot.

Eight more prospects after the jump.

Donnie Fletcher, CB - Boston College

A bigger corner, Fletcher plays more physical than most. Definitely a beast corner against the run. But he's a bit awkward in control and can lose himself in playing the ball, leading to stupid interference calls. Spags would have loved this guy; does Fisher think he can reign him in?

Tydreke Powell, DT - North Carolina (MTD Prospect Notes)

Powell is a space eater who can clog lanes...and that's it. He's a minus on quickness and athleticism, and he struggles to get inside of blockers with longer arms to shed. But for a 6th round price, he could be a useful rotation piece to help shore up the Rams' horrid run defense.

Eric Page, WR - Toledo (MTD Quick Report)

A former high school QB, Page made the move to WR at Toledo relying on his insane quickness and plus athleticism. He's a plus Amendola IMO. Worth a 6th rounder? Quite possibly.

Andrew Datko, OT - Florida St. (MTD Prospect Notes, MTD Quick Report)

If the Rams have yet to grab an extra lineman from the draft by this point and Datko's available, it may be an automatic pick. His skill set is NFL-ready; his body's not. Given that he wouldn't need to be rushed in, if the Rams can give him some extra time to heal, he could be a steal.

Quentin Richardson, CB/FS - Washington

If you saw this year's Alamo Bowl, Richardson was one of the few defensive players (from either the Huskies or Baylor) who came out looking good. Washington held RGIII under 300 yards and to just one TD...though Baylor did run for over 400 yards en route to a 67-56 victory. Richardson's best in sitting the route instead of playing near the line, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's asked to transition to FS.

William Vlachos, C - Alabama

Vlachos isn't an especially gifted player. But he's fundamentally clean, and people inside the Tide's program have praised his work ethic for years. He'd be a solid 6th round pickup to throw into a soft rotation basis with Scott Wells the steady starter. Plus, would make for an easy marketing tie-in at the Ed - Vlachos Nachos.

Rokevious Watkins, G - South Carolina (MTD Prospect Notes)

Watkins is a huge lineman who has experience at tackle, but is just too slow to play there at the NFL level. But adding this much size in the 6th with the experience Watkins has going against SEC defenses is a decent buy.

Brandon Bolden, RB - Ole Miss (MTD Quick Report)

And maybe my favorite for last. Bolden's got solid speed, agility & power. His acceleration isn't great, but it's solid. Most valuable though could well be his passing game skills. Bolden looks incredibly comfortable in the passing game, and could contribute to 3rd downs immediately. Me likey.

So what names make sense near the end of the draft? Who do you like that Rams should spend a late pick on? What factors will the Rams need to consider here?