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2012 NFL Draft: Justin Blackmon Video Scouting Report

The good people at SB Nation studios must have known about the voracious appetite TST readers have for draft info. They rolled out a new series today of video scouting reports dedicated to the top players in the 2012 NFL Draft. The first group might be the most well-known bunch of prospects, most of whom are on the St. Louis Rams' radar for potential picks.

We should take a look at the new videos after the jump, starting with none other than Justin Blackmon, the Oklahoma State wide receiver that seems to be dividing Rams fans.

That is the video dedicated to Blackmon, and you can see more here on SB Nation's NFL channel.

Blackmon lacks the upside of recent top receivers in the draft, guys like A.J. Green, but he could make a difference right away for the St. Louis Rams who lack a possession receiver on the outside. They have a few guys in the slot that can play that role, including Danny Amendola. The only one that seems capable of getting any yards after the catch is Greg Salas, but the jury is still out on the fourth-round pick.